Office light came in!

... and Kel's got it up! :)
Of course, I turned down the ISO on the camera to put more emphasis on the light and to avoid over exposure.  Don't worry, it's not actually that dim.

The close up of just the light, so you can see more clearly what it looks like.

And.. our hallway light, which Kel installed a couple weeks back.

Kitchen Backsplash - CHECK!

Kel took the beginning of this week to finish putting in an extra outlet on the right side of the stove, as well as finish our kitchen backsplash!  For those who've been to our house, you'd know that our kitchen is already STACKED with outlets and I'm not joking.  We've got a pair of outlets on the left side of the stove, a pair on the island pillar on top of the counter, a pair on the pillar under the counter, three on the other end of the island, and another pair on the wall by the patio doors... so how many are we up to now? I've lost count... :) Anyhow, they've proven quite useful since we tend to have two laptops on the counter at all times, not to mention possible phone charging as well.  So why is it that we decided to put another two on the other side of the stove?  It's not for symmetry!  More because the pair on the left is accompanied with the light switch to the deck, which means my Snoopy toaster oven would block it, and when in operation could possibly become a safety hazard!

Below, you can see the views of our kitchen with the backsplash in place.  Isn't it gorgeous?  It's a mix of glass and stone in a tinge of blue.  By the way, Eeyore's in one of the pics below. Can you spot him? :)

Please don't mind our laptops, speakers, and wires.. it's getting late, so I didn't bother staging the counter for this picture. :P