Our Curtains!

One of our objectives for our Asia trip this time was to check out the different types of fabrics available and see if we could get our curtains made in China and so... here they are!

Here's the set for our dining room window on the left.  On the right is the closer look at the pattern on the fabric.

Below on the left, are the curtains for our living room window.  On the right is the closeup of the pattern.  It's actually the same fabric as our dining room window, but we decided to use the flip side of the fabric so it's a different contrast and look.

And finally, below we have the curtains for our bedroom!

While we were there, we couldn't decide on what to do with our patio doors to the deck, so that's still up for debate.  As well, the office still has it's temporary curtains as we couldn't agree on those either, but we'll keep you posted once we figure that out.

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