Tables.. tables..

After blast blogging on our trip last month, I've come to realize that this is only the fourth post for May..  That's not right!  So here I am, on the last day of the month trying to make up for it.

We've been looking around for furniture for the house for quite some time now.  We're still lacking a proper dining table (the two of us have been eating off our kitchen island and bar stool for some time now :P), dining chairs, sofa, bed, and of course those missing rails for the staircase!  Our original plan was to start shopping for all of it once we got back, but the priority of that task was lowered... why?  Because we've been getting summer weather in May already!  Now don't get me wrong, we haven't been slacking off and going to the beach every weekend, but day after day of 25-30 degree Celsius means our lawn's been growing in at full speed!  Now, where was I going with this.. yes, furniture shopping.  I'll post about our outdoor activities in another post.  (I promise!)

I've been eyeing this coffee table (in white) for a while now and getting quotes in store, online, and researching all the possible delivery methods.  We both loved the curves on this table because it'd be easier to maneuver around being without corners and all.  I inquired several websites on their policies and delivery and finally found one that was reasonable and with a promo code!  I placed the order online, and we went on to shop for a dining table.

We saw something at a store before that we really liked, but was looking for alternatives.  Kel wanted something not rectangular since it seemed like most dining tables these days were rectangles.  So, the original table we saw was circular... picture this table, but with a dark charcoal outside wood ring, and a dark tint glass in the middle.  What we loved about this table was that the middle glass part was a built in lazy susan, and the four metal legs on the side.  However, we came to realize that the metal legs would make the seating quite awkward and limited.  It took me another week to come upon something else we could agree on.  It was an oval wooden table with a off centre base.  We measured and placed markings on our floor to judge where everything would be when they arrived and soon came to realize that our coffee table may in fact be a bit too big.. and we'd much prefer the dining table and sofa.  And with that, I had to cancel the order on our coffee table. :(  Kel and Erica ended up driving down to Buffalo to pick up our dining table as shipping by that company would be far more expensive.  Below is the sneak peak of the table we got.  Now we're on to shopping for dining chairs... I'll share the actual look when we've got the area set up!


  1. Too bad about the coffee table, but the dining table is fantastic!
    Thanks for dropping by and sharing luv with Kelly... turns out she discovered that she'd backed up most of her pics, so that's good!

  2. I love that dining table -- it's so cool and unique!! Too bad about the coffee table, but I'm sure you'll find something you love that fits the space perfectly :-)

    Have fun shopping!!