The Bunnies had a mini photoshoot

Woah.. just realized I've taken over a month off from my last post... my bad!

Back in late September, not long after my last post, Flo came over and did a mini photoshoot of Kingsley and Keiko!  We wanted to get some shots in while they're still young... and Flo ended up sprawled all over our kitchen and living room floors to get these great pics.

We shared these pics and some others with quite a few people, and so far, majority voted on Kingsley being the cuter of the two. What do you think?

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  1. Holy Adorable Bunnies, Batman! They are SO SWEET! I can't choose a cuter one between the two, but I do love Keiko's markings :-)

    I just realized you signed up for the Bake-N-Blog. I'm SO sorry I missed your comment. I've added your name and your selected cookie to the list of participants. THANKS!