IDS 2011 - Surface Innovation

Another exhibitor at IDS 2011 that we found interesting is

At first glance, it didn't seem like a lot, but when you look more in depth, it really does open up a lot of options!  What Surface Innovation does is specialize in veneer finishes, and not your regular stone/brick types, but natural slate, sandstone, and granite flexible veneers.  The guy at the booth explained that they take these slate and sandstone pieces, cut them down to 1mm slabs, and attaches a fiberglass backing to them.  What it provides is a bendable piece that can be fitted to most curves and surfaces without the weight and is much easier and affordable to install.

Below are some finishes I found from their site.  I can so see Kel try to incorporate some of these to our basement. :P

Possibilities are endless!  Below's two examples off their gallery.

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  1. I saw this stone veneer at IDS10 but missed the booth this year. Isn't it a great product?! There are so many ways you could incorporate it into your home, and for a fraction of the price of solid stone. Plus the installation is a lot easier - how many people does it take to carry a big slab of stone vs. a veneer sheet :-)

    Have a great weekend!