Our Rug Fiasco... and Living Room Transformation!

It all started last year, when Kel and I were looking around for inspiration for an area rug for the living room.  We knew we needed a rug there, but just didn't know what kind.  At first, I was interested in the shaggy, microfiber look.  But we soon realized that it would only lead to having the bunnies graze on it, which is both bad for the rug and the health of Kingsley and Keiko.  Then back in November, while doing my regular online readings, I came upon this picture from Marcus Design and it struck a cord.

I never thought I'd want an animal print rug, but the splash of zebra seemed fitting!  The grey and white pattern didn't seem as "in your face" as the regular black and white.  It was subtle enough that it wouldn't be over the top, yet it adds a nice unique touch.  I went on to see what options were available out there and soon came upon this rug:

It was perfect!  We found it on RugsUSA and they had a sale! What timing!  I placed the order in early December and was excited, anticipating its arrival before Christmas.  I received the UPS tracking number the next day and checked on its status every few days waiting for it to change and provide me with the estimated arrival date.  Soon, I realized the status wasn't changing and contacted RugsUSA to find out what's going on. It took a couple of tries as their "live chat" support wasn't always online and was finally told that UPS had lost the package and placed a tracer on it.  It would take UPS ten business days to update their status and they'll contact me once that happens.  And... of course they didn't get back to me, so I had to contact them multiple times AGAIN to get an update.  What I heard this time was even worse.  Not only did UPS lose the package, but RugsUSA is saying they can't send me another one because the rug is now out of stock and discontinued.  Furthermore, they can't refund my money until their insurance claim comes through with UPS and of course that will take x days and they'll get back to me.  Right.  Of course they will.  Grrr.. after speaking with a few friends about the situation, I've taken the advice of calling Visa up to dispute the charge.  I no longer want to deal with RugsUSA and if this is what their customer service is like, I highly advise everyone to stay away from them.

During the whole ordeal, we found out that the rug that sparked this inspiration was actually from West Elm.  We went down to the store to see if we could pick one up, but they were discontinued as well.  However, their US website showed that they still had stock, so that's what we did.  So finally... TA DA...

Our transformation of the living room from when we first visited the house and decided to put down an offer:

To what it is now:


  1. Bummer about your buying experience with RugsUSA. Thanks for the heads-up about their lack of customer service. I hope you manage to get everything sorted out and get your money back.

    But on the positive side, at least you managed to get the zebra rug in the end. Love it!

    {Sorry, I don't know of any landscapers in the Toronto area.}

  2. Yah, Visa credited my account back the day I called. I'll let them and PayPal deal with RugsUSA. :)