Details details... Its slowly coming together!

Yes, I must admit, after Kel's moved in, we've slacked on the blog.  Or should I say I've slacked on the blog. :)  Since my last blog, we've lost connection to "Joe's Home" internet.  It seems like he's been having issues with his router.  I've told Kel to just go knock on his door and offer his assistance.  I mean, it's the least we could do for Joe, no?  Between that, and we've got nothing to lose!  Anyhow, we didn't end up doing any of that.  Instead, Kel's been diligently finishing up minor details around the house. (The optimistic side is that, without access to the Internet and no TV, all his "home time" translates into "housework time". Yayy for me!)  So the past little while, he's managed to:
  • - stain and fit the trims transitioning from hardwood to tile,
  • - build a platform for the laundry pair,
  • - refit some of the outlet plating,
  • - install the racks in the linen closet,
  • - install poles in the walk in closet,
  • - and of course, research our Internet options, lay the wiring, and get the guy in to install the modem.
We also had Erica in for dinner last week, and after dinner, we got her to touch up some silicon in the bathroom, do some paint touch ups, and re-cut some lines in the master bedroom. :)

On the right is the side of the kitchen island I haven't taken before. You can see the silver outlet plate and air register Kel's refitted. As well, the trim on the floor he's stained and varnished to match the hardwood.

Oh, and I must say, we've put our little Dyson to good use!  I just love how small and lightweight, yet powerful it is!  Also to fill our void of furniture, we've got Eeyore in the house!  You can see his relative size to our Dyson.  He's 60" tall and 36" wide!  (Kel spent all night pumping him up with a faulty foot pump.)


  1. *foot pump?

    Kel, air compressor man... 80 PSI would've done some good...