Interior Design Show 2010

IKel and I went to the Interior Design Show 2010 this past weekend at the Metro Convention Centre and saw a lot of cool and fun booths!  We didn't run into Sarah Richardson, but we did see her colleague Tommy walk by!

For those who's been following our blog, you'd know I've been in love with the Riobel Eiffel series faucets for the past half year or so.  I didn't think I'd see anything more elegant until this weekend! Check out the sleek and sexy curves on this Brizo Virage series!

Another set of faucets display we really love was the Axor Massaud.  We absolutely love the triangular sinks and soaker tubs paired with the faucets and branch like wall hooks.

While at IDS 2010, we visited our friend Tyco's award winning table "Fracture".  Below, I've taken a picture of Tyco and his award winning piece.  I've also attached a video that shows why his table is called "Fracture".  It's actually really cool, as it can be broken off into three pieces and used separately, as well as reassembled into different combinations for use that way.  You can check out more Tychotic Designs here.

Something else that really caught our eye at the show were all the different tiles on the market.  Check out these turtleshell tiles below by Saltillo.  Do you like the white or grey ones better?

And what about these bubble tiles?  Aren't they cool? :)

We thought this dining table and all its colourful chairs are pretty cool, too!

And finally, there were a lot of displays for electrical and gas fireplaces.  Out of all of them, this one really caught my eye.   Check out that tree in the middle, I thought the effect was quite unique.

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  1. You saw Tommy?!?!? Cool!! We saw quite a few designers at the show, but only talked to one of them (Jane Lockhart -- she's nice!!)

    Wow, looking at your pictures, I realize I must have missed some booths. Love the sexy faucets and triangular sink.

    You're right, there were a lot of fireplace displays!! Did you see the one with the crystals??

    Maybe we can catch up with each other at IDS 2011 :-)