The Last Mile (for our railings!)

For the last while now, whenever anyone asked us, "How's the house? What are you working on now?", our reply has been "the staircase railings..."  It's gotten to the point where we're starting to get "Still?" Well, it'll soon be something else, because we're on the last mile!  The truth of the matter is, Kel had to look for a woodshop that does railings, buy the posts, stain & varnish them, work out the technicalities of installing them, etc etc.  So why do I say we're on the last mile now?  Because the glass panels we ordered came in today and they're in!  We spent the latter part of tonight attaching all the bubbles to our foyer chandelier.  (We've bought the light for more than half a year now, and it's been sitting in the basement waiting for this day.)  The only thing left now, is for Kel to finish the top railing and install it.  Can't wait!

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