Talk about efficiency! (Part 2 of "The painting came in")

We received the painting misprint Monday afternoon.  I chatted with their online support not long after it's arrival and got confirmation within the hour.  Today is Friday, and the reprint arrived!  Who would've thought I'd be able to get the reprint the same week?  I have to say I'm quite pleasantly surprised and would definitely recommend CanvasPop to anyone else looking for similar service.  Although they messed up the first print, but I seriously don't think you'd find any other company with such efficient customer service and follow up.  Definitely two thumbs up!


  1. I ordered a couple things from them in the past and I was impressed with how quick the items came. They also own DNA11 and are from Ottawa.

  2. Great photo, and so good to hear about a company that makes customer satisfaction a top priority. I may check them out the next time I have digital photos that I want to turn into artwork.