Our First Christmas

This December marks our first Christmas at the house!  Back in November, I've started convincing Kel that I wanted a Christmas tree.. it'll be our first real Christmas tree!  Growing up, we've always had an artificial tree, so I've wondered if there was a difference.  I've heard many things about a real tree like waking up to the fresh tree smell and all the goodness.  After reading up on the different breeds, we purchased a Douglas Fir!  Online, and after talking to a few people, they all said that a fresh tree would last at a stretch, three weeks and that some may look droopy after two.  Well, we've had ours since December 1st, and after twenty days, it's still looking perky and gorgeous! :)

It took us all of November to collect the ornaments, the ribbon garland, and the berry garland.  I didn't realized that department stores like The Bay starts selling their Christmas products in October, before Halloween's over!  So by the time I started shopping, a lot of their stock were either sold out or had limited stock.  Anyhow, I thought I'd share a few close ups of the ornaments.

And around the house, we adopted a reindeer and polar bear for one of the ledges on our living room wall.  They're currently guarding our Kinect games. :)

And here's what we did with some leftover ornaments!

Two more reindeers and trees on our ledge...(and our Kinect sensor..)

A decorative tree we got for our foyer... (Next year, I'll get that wreath :)

And finally, ladies and gentlemen, I present you with Mr. Raphael Plant!


  1. Your tree looks great! Love the ornaments and all your other decorations - especially the reindeer :-)

    Merry Christmas & Happy 2011!

  2. I love your tree! I am opting for REAL tree next year too :)