We have Ventilation Fans!

Kel spent this past weekend putting in ventilation fans for our bathrooms.  Yes, that's right, our bathrooms didn't have fans in them before because apparently, back in the day when they built it, it wasn't seen as a necessity.  Our bathroom had a giant awning window, which meant you could open it in rain or snow for proper ventilation.  But come on, who'd want to open a window in -40 degrees temperature just to let out a little steam?  Seems so ironic especially when you like hot showers!  Anyways, the fans have been on Kel's to-do list for quite some time now, but since he needs to go into the attic, he could only do it in the autumn or spring.  (It's too hot up there in the summer, and too cold in the winter.)  It was a lot of clean up afterwards, since he had to saw a hole in the ceiling, and rewire the light switches to also house an on/off for the fan, but hey, no more crazy humidity and fogging up the bathrooms! :)

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  1. Sometimes the small things are the most important things! I'm with you, no way am I opening windows when it's -40 outside! Make sure you have lots of steamy showers now so you can put those new fans to use (I mean that in a totally not perverted way!)