Painting has begun!

This past Sunday, Ceci came over to paint again.  Since Queenie and Lotus finished priming the living/dining room the weekend before, there were no more rooms ready for priming. So... Erica got Ceci to help start painting the ensuite bathroom! :)

Below Left: Ceci inspecting her work.. and you can see the frame Kel's dad had prepped for the closet doors.
Below Right: The pile of rubble Kel's dug up in the basement to move the toilet pipe.  (In the process, he also broke the main drain pipe... but that's fixed now and the hole's filled up again.)

Below:  The three walls Ceci and Erica painted. (And we've managed to schedule Ceci to come help paint some more on Tuesday, too!) :D

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  1. I honestly believed I got conned into painting instead of priming. Ceci