William Ashley Warehouse Sale

Kel and I went to the William Ashley Warehouse Sale last Friday, along with Ceci, Irene, Coral, and Erica.  The sales as usual are awesome.  (Maybe not all were 90% off, but most were at least 50% off.)  The only difference this year, was that we actually have a house to put things in. :)  We scored 2 bar stools, a floor lamp, an espresso machine, and other things for the kitchen for cheap.  I think the highlight of the night had to be when Ceci and Irene decided to purchase the Gund Bear.  It was gi-normous!  The bear itself was like 70" in height.  Everybody walking by had an inquisitive smile on their face.  It took 2 ladies, Ceci, and Irene to bag the bear at the cashier. Each limb took a bag, and plastic bags had to be taped to protect it's body.  The bear was so tall, it had to go in sideways in the backseat of Ceci's sedan, with the front passenger seat shifted up!

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