Staging Project

I apologize for the lack of blog posts last month, but October turned out to be quite busy!  I picked up a staging project for a town home the weekend before it was to list through a referral.  He assured me the timeline isn't usually this aggressive, but the client really wanted to list soon and have the open house by the next weekend!

So this is what happened:
  • I went to assess the place with Kel on Saturday morning.
  • Proceeded to acquire the things I had in mind for the project that same day.
  • Went back to the house on Sunday to further discuss with the client what we needed her to do.
  • Went in on Monday with all the things we needed and proceeded to stage her home.
  • The photographer came in Monday afternoon to take pictures of the finished product for the listing.
By Thursday, the house was on the market.  The real estate agent informed me he already had multiple showings that night, as well as on Friday.  The open house that weekend was also a success with more than twenty interested parties attending.  By Tuesday, a bidding war had begun and the place was sold later that night!  I couldn't believe how fast it all unfolded.  Although the agent had told me the week before that this was his plan and the ideal situation, I had doubts on whether it would actually happen.

Below is a glimpse of what the main floor looked like when we first went in to assess the place.  I apologize for the poor picture quality, as my mind was already spinning with ideas and for some reason I thought the agent had took the "before" pictures already.  This was actually taken on my phone and served as my personal reference for the project.

Since the client was still going to be living there while her home was up for sale, we decided to do what we can to minimize the impact the staging would have on her life.  Afterall, you never know how long these things would take.  Below is the main floor after we staged it.  If you take a closer look at the before and after, you'll see that we did a lot of rearranging of what she already had, plus a few accent pieces to bring it all out.

And here, is the bedroom after we rearranged a few things.  Bringing her recliner upstairs not only gave the main floor more room, but shows that her master bedroom is big enough to serve two functions.

We were all quite happy with how much the new layout was able to open up the main floor and the quick sale was a good measurement of that!  


  1. Wonderful job! I am very impressed that with a few smart moves, you made such a huge impact. Looks like you have a talent for this. :)

  2. When did you start staging? Is this a side job or a whole new path you are taking? You did good w/the staging. Makes me think of those TLC shows hehehe

  3. Side job.. will have to see where this takes me, or if I want to continue