The Toronto Underground Market - Nov 2011 Event

I first heard of the Toronto Underground Market (TUM) through a co-worker of mine.  Whilst trying to decide how many tickets to get for the October event over lunch, it sold out!  We regretted not jumping on it sooner and decided we need to regroup for their next event in November.  Over the course of the month, we gathered interest in our respective groups of friends, waiting anxiously for the tickets to go on sale and jumped on them as soon as we were aware.  Alas, the November event proved to be worth the wait as we lined up stall after stall and filled our tummies with yummy goodness.  We were a little wary of the weather as it was held at the Evergreen Brickworks, but the heat lamps and atmosphere proved it quite enjoyable.

Kel and I started out our TUM adventure by tasting the various samosas from Mama Nashi's Indian Gourmet Fare.  They offered three kinds: chicken, beef, and vegetarian.  They were de-lish and served their role well as our first course.

After savouring the samosas, we spotted the line for La Carnita.  They are famous for their fish tacos and the line was already mega long!  We decided at this point to divide and conquer; station Kel at the La Carnita line, where we went and hunted down other good eats and of course bring some back for him as well.

Flora and I ventured out and assessed what the other stalls had to offer and settled in at a line for grilled cheese.  Rather, Flora lined up for grilled cheese while I went and got sandwiches from Fidel Gastro. They offered two types of sandwiches; the "Havana Club", a beer pulled pork with ham, caramelized onions, havarti and chili aioli; and "La Senorita", mozzarella stuffed jalapeno, turkey chilli and radicchio slaw.  Of course, I picked up one of each and shared them with Flora and Kel.  The guys at Fidel Gastro created a fun atmosphere where they cried "OLE!" every chance they got.

It was good timing, too, because by the time I got back to Flora, we were next in line at Comida Del Pueblo for their awesome grilled cheese!  And yes, I say awesome because it was a jalapeno cornbread grilled cheese topped with guacamole and creme fresca!  This was definitely one of the highlights of the night.

After sharing the grilled cheese with Kel, I got us a beer from Hogtown Brewers.  Can't say it was the greatest, a little hoppy for our taste.  At this time, I met up with Flora and Norm again, and we decided to try the eats from Element.  While lining up, Keith came over with some cupcakes from Sullivan & Bleeker.  I couldn't resist and had their mint Aero cupcake.

At Element, Flora and Norm shared the pork and crab meat soup vermicelli, as well as the lobster yaki.  I just got the lobster yaki and brought it back to Kel, which was just as well since he was finally nearing the front of the La Carnita line!  We got two of each of their voltron fish tacos and their Mexican chorizo tacos.  The chorizo tacos delivered quite a kick!  We looked around for Flora to share this yummy goodness, but to no avail.  We ended up eating her share as well. :P

Later in the night, we ventured out to the Chimney courtyard to scope out their wood oven pizzas and found that they offered cedar smoked marshmallows, as well.  However, at a dollar a piece, we weren't quite sure.  At this time, it started raining and we headed back into the major venue.  Before the night was over, I had a hot cider with whiskey from Proof, which was quite yummy by the way, and the duck confit hash from Elle cuisine.  Can't say the duck was all that great as we found the meat quite dry, but all in all, it was a terrific night.


  1. Wow, this sounds like a great event! Kind of like a culinary craft show :-) It was a good idea to divide & conquer - so much food, so little time! The Havana Club sounds awesome, and the grilled cheese too :-)

  2. What is it with guys and chandeliers?! I don't think Brian likes a single chandelier in our house. Mind you, I did manage to persuade him to hang them all ;-) Oh, he did pick out the pendant lights in the kitchen, so he must like those ones at least!