Our Vanity Sinks...

It all started about a month and a half ago when Kel started looking at vanity sinks for our bathrooms. He was surfing around at work and sent me links to sites to get my opinion on the various options we had. It took a little while, but we did eventually land on one we both liked. The problem with shopping online was that a lot of U.S. sites did not ship to Canada, but tend to have more competitive pricing and definitely more variety. To solve the delivery issue, Kel suggested using one of those companies located by the border, whose sole function was to accept packages for others and hold them for pickup. That way, we could order other things for the house and pick everything up with one trip. I've heard of people who use these services and figured we could give that a try.

Three weeks have passed and I know Kel hasn't placed the order for the sink yet, so I suggested maybe it was about time to go ahead with the order. He said sure, he'll get right on it Monday morning since he saved everything at work. Monday rolls around and he calls me up to tell me the sink we were looking at on that site was sold out and they wouldn't get restocked until at least September. I began trolling around the web, looking for another site that had this sink for a similar price. (The problem was, the manufacturer suggested price was at $5XX, while that site had it on sale for under $200.) It took a while, but I finally found another site that had them for a similar sale price and sent the link over to Kel. We were both ecstatic, but he said there were no shipping rates on the site so he proceeded to emailing them for one.

The weekend comes along, and I asked if he's placed the order yet. He says the lady got back to him on the rate already, but thought maybe we could get something else from that site as well and save on the shipping. I told him to just order it since it'll take time to get here and we'll be needing it soon. He says he'll place the order on Monday.

Monday morning, I get a message from him. "Bad news, they're sold out." He emailed the lady he was talking to before and she told him they won't be getting another shipment until September-October... Once again, I was back to Googling. It took me quite a while, but I was able to find something similar looking on yet another site, and he went to place the order. That Friday afternoon, I messaged him to confirm he's placed the order through. He says he's been trying to, but something was wrong with the form and he keeps getting an error message that said he didn't fill in a required field. Five minutes later, he messages me; upset; saying the site now shows the sink as sold out! x_x' And he sounds even more upset than I was! So then I began looking up stores that might carry that brand, or even something similar to that sink. Before long, I found a place in Markham that does and told him to call them for a price. It came out to be slightly more, but still reasonable, so I told him I was going to leave work a little early and to meet me there. We were going to pick up this sink one way or the other and I was not to let this madness go on! We got there and had a walk around their showroom, since we had to wait for them to get us the sink from the warehouse for inspection. During that time, we picked out a second sink (for our main bathroom), and were told that if we paid cash, we can save on the tax, but it'd void the warranty since we wouldn't get a receipt. (Typical!) So while Kel waited to inspect the two sinks, I ran out to get the cash. By the end of that Friday, we finally got our two sinks.


I get to work the following Monday and gets an email from Kel saying the order had apparently gone through for the sink online because he sees it on his Visa... I replied, "It's okay. We can save that one for the bathroom in the basement..." *speechless*

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