Trip to Buffalo

Since we had to go down to Buffalo to pick up the sink, we figured we might as well see what else we can get from the states and pick up everything at the same time. We had looked at vanity lights online before when we were looking at sinks, so we already knew which one we wanted to get. To tell you the truth, the first time Kel asked me which vanity lights I liked, I really had no idea there were options. I've grown up to and therefore only knew of the style where it's a line of light bulbs. But upon looking, I realized that there were many other choices to be had. Neither of us liked the common bell shaped ones, whether it was opening up or down, so it didn't take us long to agree on these ones.

While we were at it, I remember seeing these salt and pepper grinders when I was in Hong Kong in July. They were shaped like black and white bunnies, and everyone that knows me knows I love my bunny! I didn't pick them up at the time (although I was very tempted to), because I saw that the brand was actually American, which meant the mark up in Hong Kong would be far greater than in North America. Sogo at Causeway Bay was selling them for more than $40CDN a piece and that was too much of a rip even for me, so I've actually been keeping a lookout for them in stores ever since I've been back. Unfortunately, even though I could find stores that carried the brand, they did not have the bunnies I wanted, which made this the perfect opportunity to order them online and shipped to Buffalo as well.

I Google-mapped our route there to pick up the packages, and then the route to the outlet mall since everybody knows I can't go to the states without making a trip to Bath & Body Works. Sure, they've opened stores in Toronto now, but the sales in the states are still way better than the ones in Toronto (especially since our dollar's been pretty strong lately). And plus, its only a ten minute drive from our pickup location!

Anyhow, we've previously arranged for Erica to accompany me down, so Kel wouldn't have to waste a day going down. Since the pickup place closed at noon on Saturdays, we estimated leaving the house around 08:30 just to be safe in case there was a line up crossing the border. Traffic getting there was decent and we arrived just before 11. After paying for their services, Erica opened the boxes and quickly inspected our goods as their radio played Eva Cassidy's rendition of "Cheek to Cheek". We ripped all the loose parts from the boxes we didn't need and Erica taped the packaging back together. We rolled everything out to the car with the help of one of their hand trolleys, which was when we ran into Peter, one of the guys I play volleyball with. What are the odds? I guess a lot of Canadians do this sort of thing, afterall. We headed over to the outlet mall to the Bath & Body Works after that to hit their lotion and hand soap sale. While at the mall, Erica also bought a front zip jacket at Under Armor.

After that, we went down to Best Buy since Erica had to get a GPS for Mike. She had me google where it was the night before, but since the printer at my room wasn't working, I just looked it up and figured we'd go from there. I had a printout of the region from one of our previous routes, but it was not in detailed view and only showed the major interstates. I told Erica to go down 62 South and we should see it in about 15 minutes. After about eight minutes she asked me if we were going in the right direction since we were driving through a pretty rural area. I asked if we were still on 62 South, she said yes, so I told her it hasn't been fifteen minutes yet. Another three minutes passed, and she asked again.

"Are you sure this is the way? There's nothing out here."

"It's only been three minutes since you last asked. If you're really that scared, we can pull over to a store or gas station to ask, or even just to look at a map."

"No, its okay... Did you look at how far we were supposed to drive?"

"No and I don't remember, because everything's in miles and that means nothing to me. If we don't see it after fifteen minutes, then we'll figure something out."

".... Who looks at time as opposed to distance?! At least with distance I can guesstimate!"

*rolls my eyes* "Just drive on!"

And sure enough, we found the Best Buy after about 15 minutes. See! Google's pretty good with their time estimates! After purchasing the GPS, we went back to the car to rip all the packaging since we decided to only declare the sink and lotions at the border crossing. I walked back to the garbage bin at the front of the store to throw out stuff, while Erica rearranged things in the car. When I got back to the car, she said she was going to drive over to pick me up, but when she took out the receipt from Bath & Body Works, it flew out of her hand... (It was pretty windy that day.) She said it flew under the car next to us, but she can't seem to find it. I bent down to check, and it wasn't there. I checked under the cars in that line, and it was still nowhere to be found. It was then that I realized the wind might have carried it to another row of cars over. She was sure it wouldn't go that far, but with the wind that day, I don't think it'd stop going until it hit a puddle. Sure enough, I found it 3 rows down and in a puddle. :P (People were looking at us curiously by then and wondering what we were looking for.) We hopped back into the car and drove back the way we came. We declared only the sink and lotions as planned, and the officer didn't bother pulling us over to tax us or search the car. *phew* :D

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