Tile Dealings

After following the roadmap from my previous post, I realized that places I called were either:
a) out of business
b) don't carry that brand
c) carries the brand, but aren't stocking that line

I found a number for the manufacturer's office online and called their Toronto location to inquire about their tiles. However, the person I need to speak to had stepped out of the office, so I left my name and number wondering if they'll really call back. To my surprise they called back within 2 hours, and asked what region I was in, to give me their distributor's name. Of course, this was the same place we found the tiles in the first place, which led me to realize that their tiles are exclusive to selective stores in different regions.

By the afternoon Kel had called Daniela, the sales rep from the store, to inquire about the price and shipment dates of our tiles. To our dismay, Daniela said that the price is actually $14.95/sqft because apparently the $11.95 was the US price. They have a shipment coming in on September 1st, but our order won't be able to make that date, so we'll be looking at mid-September time frame. Kel messaged me to see if we're still a go with the inflated price. I told him to call her back to see if she can lower it some. Daniela came back with $13.95 and said that was the best she could do. During this time, I've been randomly cold calling places in other regions to see if they carried the tiles. Upon hearing the new price offer and delivery date, I called up the manufacturer again to see if I can get the name of a different distributor from them.

"Didn't Vivian call you back with that this morning?"

"Yes, but the store said they can't get us the tiles until mid-September, and we're hoping to get them sooner."

"Mid-September? But we have another shipment going out to them next Monday!" (Aug 31st)

"Well, if we could get them next week, that'll be awesome."

"Who did you talk to at the store?"

"Karen" <-- I actually mixed up our shower sales girl's name here "Okay, I'll look into this and call you back." I told Kel of the news and we kept our fingers crossed. By 4pm, Vanessa from the store called me back. She said she heard I was interested in the tiles and could offer me the price of $11.95 and have them in there by September 1st. From the sounds of it, they got quite a talking to because she asked if the date worked for me, meaning she could rush the order if needed?! I almost feel bad for putting her in that position, but hey.. cheaper tiles, faster shipping date, same store... Woot! Below is our main bathroom in transition.. the tiles are done, the tub is in, and the drywall is up on the sides.

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