Labour Day Weekend in New York City: Momofuku Noodle Bar

Another place we visited was the Momofuku Noodle Bar!  Of all the Momofuku locations only the Momofuku Ko allowed for reservations online and it is a known fact that they book out under ten minutes of opening.  Each Momofuku location has a different theme and offers a different menu.  We were told the Momofuku Noodle Bar is a must, if we haven't been to the other locations, so that is where we ventured.  Indeed, when we got there, the restaurant was packed to the brim with people waiting for tables inside and out.  What's more interesting was that it seemed like it was the only place on the block that was busy at all!  We ended up waiting close to an hour for our table, but did not regret it.

Our kimchi jar came out first.  Kel loves kimchi so getting it was a must!  Their kimchi was more crispy than our usual experience and the jar it came in was too cute.  Kel wanted to bring it home!  Above that, you can see Kel opening up our first of three tamales.

We ordered three tamales, one of each kind offered: the pork kimchi, chicken mole verde, and the jalapeño qeso.  They arrived in three cute packages, with their authentic leaf wrappers.  Unwrapping each was like opening a present on Christmas Day. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea.

The one dissected in front on my plate there, is the chicken mole verde.  "Mole verde" simply means green sauce.  We didn't find them as exciting as we'd hoped.  Passable, but not something we'd crave.  Maybe we're just not big on tamales.

They offered three types of buns there: shrimp, pork, and oyster.  We ordered the pork bun since that was Wallace's favourite.  Besides pork, it also had shiitake mushrooms and cucumbers, dressed in scallions and hoisin sauce.  As anticipated, these were delish!

We also ordered their smoked chicken wings, but I didn't take a picture of them as they looked like normal chicken wings on a plate with some scallions sprinkled on top.  The wings were good, but can't say they were spectacular or the best wings I've had.  Wallace mentioned that in the Momofuku cookbook, these wings takes a whole day's effort to make.  We deemed them not quite worth the work entailed.

Our main course, the momofuku ramen, with pork belly, pork shoulder, and poached egg!  This might look like a normal ramen, but the toppings were not ordinary!  The poached egg resembles that of a hard-boiled egg, but upon closer inspection, we found that it was incredibly soft!  Even the whites was incredibly silky.  The pork shoulder was pulled pork, and the pork belly was even more fatty than expected, melting like butter on the tongue.

We ended our meal with some lemon flavoured soft-serve and were quite surprised to find basil bits at the bottom.  It was a nice touch.  We left carrying our bellies. :)

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