Day x

Been a while since I wrote for the blog but it’s been a tough month. The constant working and running around has drained me physically. And the tons of “what ifs” and “not sure” with the plumbing has taken its toll on me mentally. I been working on the for weeks and the chance of failure/screw up has really impeded my progress. The final push to complete everything came from the window installation. Now that the plumbing it`s finally completed, it feel like a load was taken off my shoulder.
With the windows and doors finally done, it is time to complete the house. The goal this weekend is to patch up all the holes in the various rooms this weekend so we can start working on either the kitchen or ensuite. Hopefully Patsy will have some new photos for everyone next week!

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  1. "Add Oil" ah gor! You have done such a fantastic job, I am so proud of you and Pats :) I can't wait to see the final product!