Our new doors!

Our new front door looks awesome :) So do our new patio doors from the kitchen to the deck. However, what we realized afterwards was that our house no longer had the house number on it. As well, our old door had a mail slot in it, so we lost that, too. Next thing on the to-do list: Buy new house numbers and mailbox!

Below: The front of our house before the new windows and door.

Below: The front of our house now, in daylight, and at night.

Below: The old door and window from the kitchen to the deck and now the patio doors.

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  1. Glad to see the window and the doors are set up. It looks wonderful and the whole house turning to be more and more cosy ! You two did a good job and creasted good memory in your life. I just back from Vietnan Ho Chi Ming City for a few days trip there. It is nice and have fun to have a look in different point of view.