Our Kitchen Tiles

Kel finished laying the last couple of tiles on Friday, while Erica and I continued to work on the walls. On Saturday, Erica and her dad came over to help. Erica's dad worked on patching the walls and ceiling in the ensuite, while Erica and I worked on the kitchen walls and ceiling. Sanding the ceiling has got to be the hardest thing ever. It's not only repetitive, but we also had to stand on chairs, and stretching ourselves to the fullest. What sucks is that the procedure of plastering and sanding takes quite a bit of time and cannot be expedited since we have to wait for the plaster to dry, so every layer takes at least a day. Kel sealed up the last of our supporting beam with dry wall and hooked up the outlet on it, and I plastered the first layer on afterwards. The last task for Saturday was to grout the kitchen tiles. That look a lot longer than we thought since we weren't quick enough to clean up the floor, which meant we ended up scrubbing til midnight. :( That's okay though, at least it turned out pretty well! Erica and her dad came over to help again on Sunday. Cecilia also came over by mid-afternoon, brought us tea, and took a lesson on plastering 101!

Below: Our kitchen tiles!

Our hallway after demo, and now:

Our Kitchen last week, and now:

(You can see Erica standing back admiring her days work!)
Seeing the before/after pics of the kitchen makes this weekend's work all worthwhile!

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