The window guys came in today to start their work. After just one day, they've managed to change all the windows in the house as well as lay the cement for the patio door to the deck. Below are some pictures of what it looks like after the first day.

Left: New living room window looking out the front of the house. Isn't it huge?!
Right: New dining room window looking out into the backyard. Doesn't it look like a big painting?

Left: Big window in the office that looks out the front of the house.
Right: Ensuite bathroom frosted pane, so we wouldn't need curtains and it'll have light shining in all day.

Left: Current door and window to backyard. They've cut the hole in the wall to pour in the cement base. Waiting for that to dry before converting it to a sliding patio door.
Right: One of our basement windows that look out the front of the house. You can see the house across from us, as well as the little old lady that sat outside watching the window guys work.

Below: The amount of garbage we generated after a day's work.

The window guys are going to come back tomorrow to seal the window edges with foam, install our new front door, patio door, and fix the trim. I wonder if they'll finish tomorrow.

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