First week at the house

Now that construction is mostly over, Kel's been able to rest and catch up on his sleep.  But that's not to say we are taking a break, more like going around to purchase all the little things our house is lacking.  For one, we had to go buy all the air registers for the house (you know, that grate thing for all the vents).  Besides that, we had to fill in the knickknacks our kitchen is missing, and everything we buy is another thing to wash!  Oh, and we went and got the poles and shelving for the coat closet and linen closet.  There are so many little things to do, that I've made another list on Google Docs for Kel! :P

Here you can see our bedroom light fixture.  We've bought it for a while now, and Kel can finally install it!  The glass is actually white, not yellow, but there was no way to get a clear picture of the fixture unless I turn down the ISO on my camera.  Or if there is, maybe someone who knows and reads this can teach me :)
On the left is the floor lamp we got at the William Ashley warehouse sale.  We have it set up at the corner of our living room now waiting for its neighbouring furniture.  I don't remember the frame to be quite that black, and Kel thought the sides weren't that white.. but really, its been a couple months, so we can't really be sure.  We love it all the same.

I brought home two of my critters from work.  They've got magnetic hands and feet, but of course I forgot that ours being a stainless steel fridge, won't work with magnets.  So they'll have to be crawling up and down the handles..
And here you can see the first batch of stained stairs parts and trims Kel's been working on. I can't wait til he's done to see the results!

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  1. I love that square ceiling light fixture. It's soooooo much better than a boob light!!!!

    The critters on your fridge handle are adorable!!

    Love the dark stain you're using on the stairs & trim. What colour is it??

    Maybe we'll bump into each other at the IDS :-)