Signs of Success

Ken and Elaine came over to the house yesterday to grab some tools.  They're going to start working on their kitchen, too!  Apparently they've been wanting to get a dishwasher, so they'll be adding an island and opening up some walls.  I guess they're tired of doing dishes for the last couple years and with an added island, they'll have the perfect place to house the dishwasher.  Besides the addition to the kitchen, they're also planning on getting new hardwood floors for the entire main floor as well.  However, there will be a lot more shuffling of furniture for them since they're going to be living there throughout the renovation.

Another sign of success is that I've gotten quite a few people asking (after seeing our after pics) if we were planning to live at our place for long, or if we were looking to flip the house!  Woot! Good job Kel, Erica, the dads and the rest of our helpers for bringing our vision to life!

We're counting down the days now and doing more finishing touches this week.  Kel's planning on moving this Sunday, and we've got the duct cleaning scheduled for Saturday.  We won't be finished with all the touch ups before the move, but this is definitely exciting times!  Pictures of the grand reveal coming soon, I promise!

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  1. I love big reveals -- can't wait to see yours!!

    Here's one place that sells wall decals:

    There's another one in Canada called Wall Talk, but their web site isn't working. And I think they might only do vinyl words. I'll let you know if I come up with some more.

    The only thing I regret about painting our doors dark is that I didn't do it sooner!! It made such a huge difference to how our house looks. Love, love, LOVE them, and I'm sure you'll love your doors too if you go ahead and paint them dark :-)

    Yes, the pics of the toaster show a bit of the new counter and backsplash in the kitchen. I'm still waiting for the cabinet doors.... it's been three weeks, and I don't think I can wait much longer!!