Main Bathroom Makeover

When we first bought our house, the main bathroom was one of the few places we figured we wouldn't do much to.  We were building our new ensuite, which would be our private bathroom, so we figured we could slack on the guest bathroom on both work and budget.  However when Kel inspected the pipes, he found that there was a slight leak in both the toilet and bath tub, which means they'd have to go.  Kel then asked me if we were going to replace the existing tiles.  I couldn't remember what tiles they were, and Kel said, "those small octagon one..." "Eww.. the ones they use in the public bathrooms?!"  So yah, we got rid of those, too.  And good thing because I really don't think I can stand those yellow and black tiles on the walls!  Anyhow, we kept our choices simple, since it wasn't part of the original plan and we didn't want to cut into our budget too much.  Also, the space is small so we knew we had to keep the colours light to make it seem bigger than it really is.

Below is the picture timeline of our makeover.  It's not extravagant, but enough for the time being.

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