Moving Day!

For Kel that is! With the help of his parents, brother, and friends, we've cleaned up most of the place and ripped off the last bits of protective tape and styrofoam. First up, our kitchen side of the island.  We've finally taken off the protective blue film and styrofoam.  We've even boiled a pot of water (as per chinese traditions on move-in day).  Can't wait to start baking in our convection oven and try out the induction range!

The other side of our island aka the dining room.  Please excuse the bare window frames (I promise we'll get to them soon!).   You can see our temporary all purpose table and plastic stools. They've helped us out a lot throughout our renovations!  Kel's put together our two bar stools and finally, our new shiny hardwood floors are ready for pictures!

Our living room with temporary curtains and random knick knacks.  And no, its not hot or stuffy in the house, the fan is another chinese tradition for move-in days.  Our steps and rails aren't quite finished yet, so you can see our shoes on a piece of cardboard at the top of the stairs.  That's the new border of our no shoes zone!

Below left is our office. Kel's moved in and assembled his desk.  We've moved his dresser drawer in here for now, but as you can see, the drawers are still lying on the ground.. :P
Below centre is our master bedroom.  Apparently, today's a good day to move in the lunar calendar, but not a good day to assemble the bed?!  Go figure.  Kel's going to sleep with the mattress on the ground tonight, and assemble the bed frames tomorrow.  We still need to go look for curtains, too.
And below right is our walk-in closet.  We haven't set up the shelves, racks, and all the goodies yet.  But then it's not like Kel's unpacked yet either.

As you can see, we still have a lot of shopping to do for the house and I've started last week with the Droppar jar sale at IKEA. :)

And I'll end this post off with our Quatchi chilling at the house.


  1. Oooh, I love your kitchen!! And the hardwood floors look great :-) What are the wall colours in your dining room and living room?? I especially like the bluey grey colour.

    I may have to check out those jars at Ikea. My kitchen cupboards need some serious organizing!!

    Quatchi is cute :-)


  2. It is great to know that the move in is done at last, even you respected even some Old Chinese custom ! The house looks so nice and cyber, but also with cosy feel too, as it is furnished with your own hands and concepts for months. The Ikea Jars are great too, as I also using those Jar as the contianer for my home made Jam gift to friends. Enjoy yr self at home.

  3. Thanks for the info about the wall colours :-) I have an ICI fan deck, which I'll check as soon as I get home from work :-)

    I haven't forgotten about your shower question -- still trying to think of a good solution for you.

    Thanks for your support in the Design Trade competition :-)


  4. Hi Bubbles,

    I just tried posting a message, but it got lost I think :-( So I'll try again :-)

    I'm loving your renovations! Great choices and your home is beautiful!!

    So you asked about the stump left in our front yard from the removal of that old cedar tree... well, take a look at this post: You can see in the photos that it was a BIG job to remove and left a giant hole! The smaller roots - the ones that spanned out from the stump - were left in the ground because they'll just die.

    It's been great to see you hanging out at DesignTies!

  5. WOW! Sooooo pretty!!!!
    Congrats!!!!! Wish I'm there myself to see the house!