Hardwood explosion

Over the last couple of days, we've been quite busy at the house!  Kel's finished laying down hardwood for not just the master ensuite, but also the office, living, dining, and hallway!  All that's left now are the linen and coat closets.  Erica and her dad's been here for the last few days, too.  They've been helping out with the detailing.  Her dad's been framing doors around the house as well as hanging doors.  And of course, Erica's been plastering and sanding all the nicks Kel's been making in the process. :)  Kel's also ripped out the nasty green carpet that was in the foyer and his dad's tiled it.  Kel is actually grouting the foyer tiles as I type.  (No, we don't actually have Internet at the house yet, but our neighbour, "Joe" does and his connection is not protected. :)

Below, you can see the temporary rails Kel's put in for our staircase.  He had to rip out the old ones to lay the hardwood and the new ones can't be installed until the new hardwood's down.

I wasn't going to post any pictures of our floors yet because their current condition simply doesn't do it justice!  We've laid out all the hardwood planks on the floor to size to speed up the installation process.  It's like the hardwood's exploded all over our living-dining room!

And here's Kelly, grouting our foyer tiles at 11:52pm!

Hoppy Holidays and Bunny Christmas to all!

Ms Bunny couldn't wait to get into her Christmas presents! Thanks Godmom Erica, Aunt Winnie and Uncle Wally!

Another finishing touch completed

If you remember, the last picture we had of our kitchen island from four posts ago, was still missing the toe boards and the microwave shelf was unfinished.  Thanks to Erica's dad, its now all done.  Below, you can see his handywork.  He's also put up all the window and door frames around the house.

Ensuite bathroom 99% complete!

This weekend, we've finished touching up the paint in the ensuite bathroom, as well as install the toilet, the vanity lights, and the cabinet drawers/doors.  The only missing piece now is filling in the white gap under the sink, but that should be fast with Erica's dad's help.

One step closer!

Erica finished painting the ensuite washroom and the walk-in closet last night :)  There's still some touch up to be done in the master bedroom, but we'll get to that later.

Below: The view from inside the ensuite washroom. You can see the shower, the darker grey wall of the washroom, the lighter grey in the closet, and the light green master bedroom with hardwood floors installed.  Next up, finishing the hardwood floors in the walk-in closet!

Hardwood floors have begun!

We've started installing hardwood floors this week! Right when you thought there's nothing else to rip out of the house, too! We've ripped up the old hardwood from the master bedroom, closet, and hallway. My job was to rip out all the nails that were still stuck on the wooden planks before people stepped all over them. I sure hope they had a nail gun back in the day, because there were a whole lot in there!

Below you can see the wax paper we've laid out and the newly installed planks.  And of course, Kel taking a break enjoying his work.

Meanwhile, Erica's busy running around trying to finish painting as much as she can before the hardwood goes in.

Photos as promised!

Our shower with the glass up, faucets, and rainshower installed.

Our vanity; overhang sink with plumbing and faucets installed; Just missing the cabinet doors now.

Our first window frame is up! Courtesy of Erica's dad over the weekend :P

Shot of our island in the kitchen, from the other side where you can actually see the apron sink.


It has been a very good weekend. I finally got all the plumbing in the house completed! My Dad got the majority of the lights re-wired and working, Erica’s dad did a awesome job in putting finishing touches in the kitchen and Erica scrape the remaining wall paper from the house and primed the master bedroom. During the weekday, I am going to try and prime the final walls (walk in closet and the last wall in the ensuite) so that we can start laying the new hardwood floor. I will get Patsy to take some photos and post them this week for sure.

Overall progress

Kel finished insulating the attic last weekend and we've scheduled for the energy auditor to come in next Monday.  Ken came over yesterday and together with Kel and Erica, they've put up the glass pieces for the ensuite shower. Yayy!  I'm holding out on the pictures until Kel's got the faucets and shower heads screwed in for the full effect.  Next, will be cutting the ensuite counter top to fit in the vanity sink and faucets.  And now that the tiling is officially finished in the ensuite, Erica can finish sanding and plastering the closet walls for priming. :)
As well, the hood was installed last weekend, so the kitchen looks whole now :D