Our Night Stand

Way back when we decided we were going to get a king size bed, we knew we'd need new night stands.  Something small; something that actually matched our colour themes; something less clunky.  So far, we've been using Kel's old night stand on my side of the bed and yes, I find it clunky!  (You can see it on the right there.)

I was putting off looking for a new pair, since I haven't really got a clue what I was looking for.  I just knew we needed something small and contemporary looking, so it wouldn't take up too much room.  The original night stands that were designed for that bed were ridiculously out of our budget and there were too much curves and details for them to be custom made.  So yes, I was taking a break from the online searches and secretly hoping it'd come to me... and sure enough it did!  Thank you Nancy @ Marcus Design!  She had written a piece on Leah Balderson's condo featured in House & Home which is where I found this darling night stand!
{image via Marcus Design via House & Home}

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?  I fell in love with it the moment I saw it!  And with Nancy's help, located the store that carries it.  However, as usual, its way out of our budget, or rather, way more than I'd be willing to pay for it no matter how much I loved it.  So, the search continued...  Until one day, Kel said, "Maybe we can make it?"  Wooo.. now there's an idea!  He investigated into what type of tools/drill bits he'll be needing and got a quote from a woodcraft place as well.  The latter won, and the panels will be coming home tomorrow!  Next up, buying a piece of wood for the tabletop, assembly, paint, and put on the nailhead trim!  This is so exciting! Stay tuned!

The Bunnies had a mini photoshoot

Woah.. just realized I've taken over a month off from my last post... my bad!

Back in late September, not long after my last post, Flo came over and did a mini photoshoot of Kingsley and Keiko!  We wanted to get some shots in while they're still young... and Flo ended up sprawled all over our kitchen and living room floors to get these great pics.

We shared these pics and some others with quite a few people, and so far, majority voted on Kingsley being the cuter of the two. What do you think?