The kitchen's coming along!

Didn't make an updates last week, I was hoping our next pictures will have our kitchen almost completely done, but of course things always end up taking a little longer than you'd think. By now, we've finish priming and painting the kitchen walls and ceiling. There's still a bit of touch up to do around the edges, but that'll come later on. Our range and fridge arrived on Saturday! :) The cabinets on that wall are almost all up (no doors yet though). And Ceci came over on Sunday and put together most of the remaining cabinets.

What sucks though is our washer and dryer didn't come in on Saturday the way they're supposed to. I called the store and the girl said they seemed to have been cancelled. OMG... The girl managed to re-order our washer and have it come in next Saturday, but since the dryer was from the warehouse sale, she says I need to call them to get it changed. So, I called them today, and they said I need to call this other number. Calling that 1-800 number, they told me to call a different 1-800 number. That new number disconnected me after going through their automated system, so I had to call them again.. and got put on hold for 25 minutes. (It's a good thing I have a headset at work.) After explaining my situation with customer service, they said they'll investigate into the matter, and either reschedule the delivery or give me my money back and I should expect a call within 24-48 hours. So now I just wait... if I don't hear back in 2 days.. someone's getting an earful.

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