Hot off the press!

I know I said I wanted the next picture to be of the kitchen with all the cabinets installed, but there's been requests to see how things are. That, and Kel had to switch it up and work on the air ducts first. It's really starting to get cold these days, so it'll be nice to get that working. Most of the ducts were connected by the end of the night and we've got the heat going now!

Left: Our kitchen's current status. You can see Erica sanding the exterior. :)
Right: Kel working on fitting ducts into the openings.

Oh, and I've had feedback that the pictures of the kitchen after tiling didn't really show our tiles, so below is a picture of *just* the tiles.

As you can see, we still need to assemble a few more cabinets and put the doors in, and apparently Kel says we need to exchange one of them because they gave us the wrong one. The one we have now doesn't have the slot for our apron sink so I guess another trip to IKEA is inevitable.

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