Our lesson in painting (aka Why the kitchen took an extra week)

Last week after much plaster and sanding, we were finally happy with how smooth the kitchen walls were. We figured we needed to wipe the walls down a bit before we put on the primer, but we also knew that we couldn't wipe it with a wet cloth since water would dissolve the compound on the walls. So... we ended up just brushing the surface over with a broom. What we didn't realize was how MUCH dust was actually on the walls. Apparently, there were still random clusters of dimples and small cracks in various places, which we could not see because the dust had filled in everything. Well, the primer revealed all of that to us. We ended up having to patch some places that were more obvious after the primer dried and then do a little re-priming. After that, we painted the walls with our shade of "Justice", and then taped the corners to proceed with painting the ceiling. Our second issue came when we went to peel off the tape... parts of the paint came off with it! And it wasn't just the paint, it was primer, too! I guess there really was too much dust left on the walls and the primer couldn't cling on as well as it should. :( So we're sort of done, but with some touch up spots which we will do when we proceed with further painting. For now, it's back to working on the cabinets.

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