We broke the record tonight

Usually on the weekdays, we go to the house after work and leave around midnight. Tonight, I didn't get home until 1:15! And I live 4 minutes away! (Google said so.) What's funny is with our move-in date having moved month to month to month, Kel's always said regardless, we'll definitely be in before the first snowfall. Guess what? The Weather Network predicts mixed rain-snow starting from 2am all the way to scattered flurries tomorrow morning! Who would've thought we'd get our first snow of the year mid-October?! It normally doesn't happen until late November, early December! I told Kel about the weather forecast and whether that meant we should move in tonight and he says he doesn't warrant such weather anomalies! LOL!

What we did tonight, Erica cutting drywall for the walk-in closet; Kel continuing his tiling job in the ensuite

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