It has been a while since I wrote for the blog. I have keep myself busy with the house =D Here are some updates to the various projects in the house:

Kitchen – We got the water hooked up! I just have to finalize the sink placement and hook up the drains and we will have a working kitchen sink. Just have to make a minor modification to the sink cabinet and they island should be done.

Ensuite – I started to tile last night. Took me close to 4 hours to lay down 9 pieces of tiles. It’s a real pain but the tiles look great! Hopefully I can get the entire ensuite done by this weekend. Ken helped me to pour the base for the shower kit over the weekend and have to say it looks great. Now the shower is sitting nice and flat on the floor.

Basement – Got the materials needed to start insulating and framing. This will be an interesting project as Erica and Co. will be handling this one =D

Hopefully Patsy will have some nice photos of the ensuite by the end of the week!

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