RONA Father's Day sale

Last Saturday was RONA's Father's Day Sale. They were offering 15% off any product in store, one per customer, up to a limit of 15. We spent all afternoon there looking at tiles, potlights, and such. Ended up picking out our bathroom flooring, kitchen flooring, a couple of potlights and their enclosures, the kitchen faucet, and some other building materials. One weekend ran us up over a grand already... :P Who knew things cost so much? And everything I picked are overly expensive! This is the kitchen faucet I liked, but even for me $800+ is way overboard! Now we still have to figure out our shower faucet, washroom faucet, shower tiles, etc.. This is going to be one crazy week!


  1. As I requested some updates, the contributor has requested that I should comment on the site directly versus sending comments to her :)

    I am so excited to see the final product!!! And yes - EVERYTHING... from the teeny weeny thing to the big big appliance/furniture... is super $.. and things seem to have a nasty habit of ADDING UP.