Night view of the Shanghai bund from our hotel

We transferred out of Hong Kong the same day to Shanghai, and immediately we felt the mugginess of Hong Kong.  Sunny's Shanghai flight was cancelled, and ended up flying out earlier than us.  We met up with him at the Shanghai airport and was greeted by the "hurried" nature of the chinese culture.  From peoplem crowding and camping the conveyor belt where the luggage came up, to a chinese man with his trolley full of luggage rushing into the elevator after us only to find we were going down and he wanted to go up, we knew we were in China.

We were all extremely sleepy from our travels (and the 12 hours difference) and upon arrival decided to check-in and get a quick bite to eat, before heading to bed.  Bar Rouge came highly recommended as a place with a good view of the bund for drinks, so that was where we were headed.  However, we ended up at the restaurant below called Mr. & Mrs. Bund because Bar Rouge was apparently closed for renovations.  Nonetheless, the place did not disappoint with the trendy decor and great food.

Below, you'll see our view of the Bund from the hotel room, as well as Mr & Mrs Bund.  I really like their oversized chairs; reminds me of Alice in the Wonderland!  I half expected the "card people" to come out and greet us!

Notice how the oversized chairs only have armrests on one side, for easier access getting on and off without having to pull them out.

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