Picture updates of Hong Kong! Part 3!

In order to meet up with more people at the same time, Sunny and Freddy organized a karoake night so people can drop in, leave early, or stay the whole way.  We ended up at C.E.O. at Causeway Bay one of those Friday nights.  Our group pictures started out with...

Below:  3 of us... to 4.... to 5.. to 9!!  People just jumped into the picture one after the other!  (There were others in the room not captured.)

One of our objectives of this trip, was to attend Kel's cousin Karl's wedding.  Below are a few pictures from that night.

During our trip, I've noticed that the 7-Elevens (and other convenience and grocery stores) actually carry more flavours of Haagen Dazs ice cream than the Haagen Dazs stores.  The main difference is that the stores can only carry what's meant for the Hong Kong market, whereas the grocery stores can carry flavours from their Japanese line as well.  Me being such a crazy Haagen Dazs fan, had to try the other flavours, too!  So, I bought their "Sweet Potato Pie", "Apple Calvados", and their new sorbet flavour in Hong Kong "Raspberry".  I was slightly unsure about the "Sweet Potato Pie" flavour, but was pleasantly surprised!  Upon opening the tub, I found that the top actually resembled the picture!  For those who know me well, you'd know that I love my sweet potato and I can tell you that this flavour has definitely exceeded my expectations!  If I could, I would bring a huge tub of it back with me!  They were able to get the taste just right, and even the texture, too!  After savouring a few bites, I could actually feel the familiar graininess of sweet potato on my tongue! YUM!  Kel isn't much of a sweet potato kind of guy, so the "Apple Calvados" was awesome for him.  (I love it, too!  It's got my stamp of approval as well!)  It was surprisingly refreshing and captured the essence of apples well.  As for the raspberry sorbet, it was good, but nothing extraordinary.  It was fruity as expected, but no surprises there.

Last Sunday, I met up with Samuel, his girlfriend, and Annie for lunch at a Thai restaurant.  We were originally supposed to do dinner, but my grandma wanted to do dinner on Sunday so our meal had to be pushed up to lunch.  We ended up eating at Lung Jie (隆姐泰國美食館) at Kowloon City (九龍城).  Food was great and definitely recommended.  Just be prepared to line up outside for a table as they do not take reservations!

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  1. heyy i really like how u did u makeup at the wedding!! Very niiice =)

    Too bad there is no way to bring over some of that Haagen Dazs ice cream :(