The Super Condensed Post I've promised...

It's been almost a week since my last post, and I've been getting quite a bit of online inquiries as to "What's going on?", "What have you guys been eating?", and the like.  Well, I can explain.  The day after our last post, we went club hopping around Shanghai so we didn't get back til late and I was super tired... The day after, we flew to HK, and Internet's been a bit wonky, so I haven't bothered uploading pics (and we've been going out late in HK, too, so that didn't help either).  In any case, here's the "Super Condensed Post"...
The day after our trip to Suzou, we woke up and headed back to our local noodle shop as I needed another steamed bun (xiaolongbao) fix.  After that, we walked around Nanjing Road and instead of Haagen Dazs, we decided to switch it up and headed to Cold Stone Cremery :)  Then we walked around People's Square and spotted a China "Starbucks" less than a block from the real Starbucks, called ecoffee... the logo, cups, decor... everything looked exact, so I couldn't help but take a picture!  We saw a similar copycat earlier in the week.. instead of L'Occitane, they had Occitown, with the same colour schemes!

The boys wanted to go check out the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum, but when we got there, we realized we just missed the last entry and they weren't allowing any more people in. :(  So instead, we found the underground shops there and checked that out instead.  The place was set up to look like what Shanghai used to be in the 1930s, so that was interesting.  You can see below the entry, as well as the boys trying to blend in with the display of people lining up for the tram.

That night, we had dinner at Jade Garden (苏浙汇) with Jas' dad to thank him for the hotel arrangements, bringing us out to karoake, etc.  We got there a little early, and remembered there was a bakery nearby famous for it's egg tarts, so of course we had to try one!  We were good though, Kel and I shared!  However, I still don't know how Kel managed to eat it without burning himself as it was fresh out of the oven and when I bit down, the egg part would cling to to roof of my mouth.. :(  It was awesome nonetheless.  Below, are the pics of us at dinner.

We went club hopping that night, from Mint, (which was mostly caucasians and expats,) to Guandii, (which was all locals,) to Park 97 (, which was more locals, some caucasians).  We didn't get home until late late that night and decided to sleep in the next day and grab some food (or not) before our flight to Hong Kong.  We were flying separately, so Sunny's flight was at 3pm, while ours was at 7pm.  Uncle Tong had advised Sunny to leave the hotel around 1pm to allow time to get to the airport and such.  Kel and I didn't get up until close to 1pm and were packing, but we haven't heard from Sunny, so I told Kel to give him a call "just in case".  Kel figured Sunny should have left or close to leaving, but gave him a call anyways.... well, seems like he didn't quite get up til we called and rushed out of the hotel soon after.  By the time he got to the airport, he had already missed his baggage check-in time, so he had to deposit his lugguage at the airport and called us to help bring it back for him!  Another ten minutes or so later, we got another call from him... and apparently, he was in such a rush to the boarding gate, he had forgotten one piece of handcarry lugguage on the belt at security!  So Kel and I left for the airport a little earlier to try to locate Sunny's various pieces... Uncle Tong had suggested we take the cab to a certain Maglev station and try out the high speed train to the airport, which was exactly what Kel's been wanting to do all this time.  Below, we've documented Kel's Maglev adventure. :)

From Kel at the machine, purchasing our tickets... to Kel posing with the blue Expo guy by the train.. to him boarding the train...

to... us on the train... to "OMG we're travelling at 431km/h!!".. to Kel taking his last picture with the train after it was over

Luckily, we were able to locate Sunny's piece of deposited lugguage with no problems.  However, the lost and found did not have his handcarry... we later found it by asking the security people after passing through ourselves.  There were some issues though, as there was no ID on his handcarry, and we had no idea what he packed in it.  At the same time,  Sunny was already in the air and there was no way to reach him!  Fortunately, after the security people searched through his bag and found nothing of value, they did release it to us after jotting down our information.  This did take a while though, as they've never had this situation before, and they would call more of their colleagues over to deliberate whether to release it or not.  That night, after arriving in Hong Kong, with the help of Kel's god dads, we dropped off Sunny's lugguage to him before heading to our regular wonton noodle place before heading home.

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