Picture updates of Hong Kong! Part 4!

Actually, today's post is on the day and a half we spent at Macau. We went to Macau with my brother and his girlfriend and got tickets to see Cirque de Soleil's Zaia at The Venetian, so that's where we headed first to get seats for later that night. Good thing, too, because that meant no one was around and we could take all the pictures we wanted.

And here's another one of Kel's wacky pics..

After getting seats at the Venetian, guess where we went? For FOOD of course!  Here, we are lining up for some famous street style shark fin soup (碗仔翅).

Next, we went down the street for some famous noodles!  On the left, you can see us lining up at the noodle shop.  On the right, is my brother and his girlfriend Samina.  They can't wait to dig in!  See the brown stuff on the noodles?  It's shrimp eggs... (蝦子撈) yummmm.. and fried wontons in the middle!

After all the food, we needed to go for a walk, so we went and saw the sights at Macau.  Below left, you can see Kel and I at the front of the Ruins of St. Paul's (大三巴牌坊). And on the right, my bro, Samina, and I climbed the stairs on the other side of the ruins.  Kel stayed on the ground to take the picture.  Can you make us out without blowing up the picture?

After that, we climbed the stairs to Mount Fortress (大砲台).

And here, we have Kel posing with some Greek mythology statues at the New Century Hotel.

Below are some pictures we took at the Venetian.

 The canals in the Venetian...

The girl on the boat started singing.. and my brother started mimicing (on the left), and you can see our reaction on the right!

Oh and here, we had our midnight snack... I apologize for the half eaten congee.. we were hungry and I forgot to take a picture before we started, but you can still see the crab swimming in the congee. (水蟹粥)

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