Stuff we've been eating..

After passing out after our day of travels, we went searching for food on our second day down Nanjing Rd. East.  As it was a Saturday, the masses of people were pretty insane.  Busy intersections required a traffic cop to direct cars and people, and its not to help the pedestrians to cross the road, but rather for the cars!  Masses of pedestrians would just cross at will, ignoring the signals and there's nothing the cars could do about it.  Sure they could honk (and trust me, they do), but really it serves no purpose as the pedestrians simply didn't care.

We ended up coming upon the Haagen Dazs store and anyone who knows me would know we'd have to go there!  So.. we had our first meal at Wu Yue Ren Jia close by for noodles.. and then saw an egg pastry shop next door, so we had that, too!

Below, you can see the boys and their egg pastries.  It wasn't as good as we'd hope, but whatever, its all in the trying, right?

Off we trotted to the Haagen Dazs store.. and yes, we ate at three different places in a row... seems to be the trend whenever we are in Asia...

Below, you can see Kel posing for the picture, as Sunny studies the menu...

And.. this is what he ordered!  And we got our Haagen Dazs 3-tier high tea special.. haha

We walked around a bit after that and met up with Jas' dad for dinner at Lei Garden, and then karoake afterwards at Partyworld.  The look of Partyworld is pretty crazy as the entrance is more like a grand hotel lobby area then any karoake place we've been before.  I guess chinese people take their singing pretty seriously!  But yah, so I didn't end up doing a post yesterday... as we ended up staying out pretty late..  and waking up starving.  That seems to be the trend the last couple days, we're either stuffed from too many meals condensed in a few hours, or starving from passing out..  We woke up today starving (of course) and went to a local noodle/dumpling place we passed by yesterday.  We shared two bowls of beef noodles and a dozen steamed dumplings, all for the price of $33RMB (that's the equivalent of $5.50CAD) which fed all three of us!  (Picture below.) We walked around some more with Haagen Dazs and Starbucks as rest stops before stopping by a Tibetian lamb place for dinner on Yunnan Rd food street.  Gotta love the cheap local food!

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  1. Oooh I am so glad you are blogging as you travel, that's so awesome!! I get to see what u guys have been up to, yay! =)