Resolutions, resolutions

Happy 2012!

And with the new year of course, comes resolutions.  I didn't used to understand the concept when I was younger, but it seems like it adds more weight with age;  and usually, the problem is with the carry through.  Somewhere down the road, I forget, or I make enough excuses that it gets dropped.  One thing I've consistently read about, is if you shared your resolutions/goals with other people then you're more likely to carry through with them since you're more accountable.  SO.. here goes..

This year, I vouch to:

  • sleep earlier (This one is a carry down since... 2010?)
  • drink more water (another carry down.. for those who knows me, knows I can drink close to nothing a day)
  • cook and eat more at home
  • (and therefore) eat less crap
  • read more
  • declutter (Kel should be happy with this one..)

This month, I aim to go through my clothes and clear out stuff I keep for the sake of keeping. (Yes, I tend to have issues parting with things.)  And put away my summer shoes and take out my winters since the cold weather finally hit.  Here's a little something I found with great tips on decluttering:


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