Day 1

Finally got into the house for the first time as the owner! My dad and brother were here today to help out and there’s lots to do! Took us about 30 minutes to move all the equipment and tiles into the house; within the hour, we had the hammers out and we were smashing the drywalls in the kitchen. After the little demo fun, Ken and I went up into the crazy hot attic to check out how the roof joists are arranged so we don’t collapse the roof! After the hot info finding session, Ken sat down and came up with a way support the ceiling so we rebuild the new support wall while dad and I removed and prep the area.

After 2 hours at the Home Depot to pick the materials we need, we got home and started to work!

After the a few hours of bracing and hammer 2 x 8s into place, we removed the temporary support wall and our new support handle the load. No crack on the ceiling and the roof is still in place. 1 wall completed 3 more to go!

I forgot to bring a camera to the house so will take them tomorrow morning and will upload them tomorrow night! Have to say, it looks good so far!

Pictures of day 1

We opened up one of the 2 sides of the kitchen

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  1. Wow.. nice work! So if I should walk into that post.. I wouldn't bring the house down? :P