Our offer was accepted!

After months of MLS scouring for our target neighbourhoods and discussions of our likes and dislikes, we've finally found a house we could both agree on. We immediately brought in both sets of parents so they can have a look before we went further. The house has only been on the market for a few days and we were both anxious to make a decision. The price for that area and lot size were pretty decent. The location was close to Bayview Avenue, yet tucked in and away from all the traffic. Downside to the place was that there was no garage, single driveway and all the windows needed to be replaced (among other things). Pluses were the wide lot, huge trees, awesome layout, a nice deck, and not too much grass in the backyard to mow. (Guess who complained about mowing. :P)

The next day, we went into our realtor's office to put in an offer. It was pretty surreal. Although we've been looking around for a while and have gone to many open houses, we still couldn't believe we're finally putting an offer down. After three long hours of going over papers and documents, it was finally done. We were told that there was another offer in for the house and it'd be another day or two before we'd find out. To tell you the truth, I expected to have to wait at least 2-3 days, so I was really surprised when Kel called me up the next afternoon to say "WE GOT THE HOUSE!!" Well, not really yet, still conditional on all those clauses we signed, but this is the first step!

Below are the pictures I downloaded from the MLS listing. They're kind of small, but I'll put better pictures up once I get a chance to it.

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