Our Kitchen

The whole of last week, we've been shopping around for kitchen counters and cabinets. We have a theme in mind which required four doors in a glossy light blue gray colour with thin aluminum framing. However, its been quite hard locating the exact colour we want. Kel's mentioned we could get them custom made since we only needed four doors, so it shouldn't run our budget for too much more. The hard part is, places only seem to have the brighter light blue, white, or plain glass. When asked whether we could special order them, the stores would say for only four doors, the shipping cost would be too much and it'd be hard to find manufacturers to make such a small quantity. *sigh* Its a lot harder to shop when you have something specific in mind!

In the theme of cutting down our budget, Kel's been trying to see if anything at Ikea would fit our theme. He proposed one of the doors, but I shook my head right away as the colour was totally off. It was a DARK blue gray! As we were looking at all the options available (you know how Ikea has a wall where they hang all the doors), Kel suddenly had an idea. What if we picked up a plain glass door and painted the underside ourselves? Then we can choose our own color for sure! Brilliant! With this in mind, we went to their "AS-IS" section and picked up two glass cabinet doors: a thicker frame with frosted glass front, and a thin frame with clear glass front. Next, we went to RONA to check out their paint palettes. After about 15-20 minutes of comparing, we picked up two sampler bottles and two different paint brushes. As soon as we got home, Kel laid out the newspaper and started our experimental project. He painted both colours on the underside of the frosted glass and laid that to dry. There was a glossy cardboard tacked on to the underside of the clear glass one, so he removed that and tried painting the cardboard. However after thirty seconds, it was clear that the paint would not stay. It was beading off the cardboard already! We then experimented by painting a regular sheet of paper, drying, and pressing that against the door. And.... we have a winner! Although we both like the thinner frame and the clear glass, it was obvious that the frosted glass door had a way better effect and much closer to what we had in mind. Way to go Kel! :D

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