The Key ordeal

Swing by the our new house after work today with our new house key in hand. I wanted to drop off some of the building equipment/supplies that I have been stashing in the trunk of my car for the last few weeks.

After 5 minutes of wrestling with the front door lock, I still couldn't get it to unlock. Thinking how retarded that looked, I went to the backyard to try the back door instead. I got the door handle to unlock on the first turn. Excited, I tried to go though the dead bolt lock, (I swear the lock is at least 40 years old!) but it held it's ground while I slammed into the door. Not a pleasant surprise to find myself locked outside of our new home on the day we closed.

I called our Real Estate agent while Patsy called our lawyer. After 45 minutes of calling and waiting, we finally arranged it so the seller's real estate agent will leave the spare key he has on a lockpad outside our door.

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