Day 2

Writing this in the basement today with the cutest bunny in the world, Ms Bunny Chu! It’s been a long day; we removed all the old kitchen cabinets and finished the last structure wall in the kitchen. We also started the work on the new ensuite. To allow placement of the toilet, we have to remove the door and frame to one of the existing closets. Ken the “wrecking ball” just went in and just destroyed that door and frame in less than an hour. Have to say I am very impressed since that job will probably take me over an hour and I won’t have enjoyed it as much as Ken did.

Also did some electrical work today too, I spend about an hour in the attic pulling old wires out. That’s one of the things we have to do in day 3, restoring the light to the kitchen and dining room so it`s not so dark.

(I know I promised pictures tonight...I have the camera but no USB cables. I was going to use the card reader on the laptop but there were no memory card in the camera so the photos were stored onboard the camera =|)

Here's the kitchen all opened up

That's the damage Ken did in 30 mins


  1. If it's a standard USB cable, you'll find one connected to the WD passport in the living room. I want to see! :)

    No free Internet in my hotel room.. and the business centre closes at 9pm everyday.. so I'll check in as much as possible! Good job!

  2. Hehe.. and koodos for naming the cutest bunny in the world!