Day 3

Slow day today, lots of demo and not much building. We completed framing/prepping about 90% of the walls in the new master bedroom and ensuite. We will be putting up a new supporting wall tomorrow to complete framing the new master bedroom. We didn’t get around to running the electric wires today, will try to do that tomorrow.
My dad did bring up a good point, there's a pretty tight turn into the new master bedroom, may have issues bring in the mattress when we have everything completed.
Once again, I forgot the camera this morning =| Will take some pictures of the new master bedroom before we start work.

Here's the bedroom at the end of day 3:

Top pic - This view is from the Master bedroom looking into the ensuite
Bottom pic - This is the view from ensuite to the Master bedroom

Bottom pic - This is from the hallway looking into the Master bedroom, this used to be a wall of mirrors (floor to ceiling):

Bottom pic - This is the view from the dinning room into the kitchen. This wall will contain the fridge (right), range (middle) and a floor to ceiling pantry (left).

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