Both of us pretty much fell in love with the house the first time we stepped into it. It’s an older bungalow but the openness and the layout were exactly what we were looking for. The rough renovation plans for the house has been completed for a while now, but filling in the details are taking longer then I thought. We are planning to open up the kitchen so it ties in better with the living and dinner room and combine two bedrooms into a master ensuite.

The kitchen renovation has proven to be harder then I thought because of a few things:

  • One of the walls is-load bearing
  • The crown molding that goes around the dining and living room
  • The plaster ceiling (a feature we want to keep and not damage during the kitchen demolition)

With Ken’s help, we've resolved the wall issue. To preserve the crown molding, I am thinking of building bulk heads, but have to see if it is doable.

The bedroom renovation should be the easier of the two. Patsy wants a walk in closet and we prefer to have our own bathroom, thus our decision to convert one of the bedrooms into a bathroom/walk-in closet. The only issue that has stumped me so far is the shower. I wanted a tiled shower, but the amount of work required to build it makes it really unattractive at the moment. I've been exploring the possibility of using a pre-built shower, but they are more expensive than I thought... will have to think of an alternative. I have a draft outline of the house at home, will upload that tonight.

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