Day 4

Finally have the last supporting wall up today! This is the last structural wall we have to put up, getting the wall up was fairly easy but I can’t say the same about the prep work. Took my dad and I about 4 hours to prep the area to get the wall up and about 2 hours to build the wall. Hopefully we can complete the last wall (bedroom to walk-in closet) tomorrow. Just have make the current door opening bigger (about 10 inches) and higher (about 8 inches) to fit the pocket door.

The guy from Baltic Windows came in for a quotation today. Have to say, this guy was like day and night compare to the Canuck Window guy yesterday. The Baltic guy took his time and explain what and how they were going to do everything and provide advice on every window in the house (we have 14 windows in total =D) so that it will look nice and uniform. The guys from Canuck Window give me the impression that he wanted to sell me the windows that were the easiest for him to install as oppose to what will be best suited for our needs. He asked me “So how many more guys do you have coming in for a quotation?”, have to admit I was a little take back by his question...I lied and told him he’s the only one I have and he told me “I will give you a good price then”. In my mind I was thinking “ you weren’t going to quote me your most competitive price if I am seeking multiple quotation?!?” Another thing that annoyed me was his inability to provide me a quotation in writing. He said he doesn’t like email because it doesn’t allow him to “connect” with customer. I am still waiting for his quotation. The Baltic guy give me a quotation on the spot (took him about 20 mins to enter the data into his laptop) and showed it and emailed it to me on the spot. Going to call Becker Thursday and see when they can come in for a quotation.

For anyone that’s interested, there’s a great Window and Door thread here:

Did some more demolition work in the basement, I have removed about 70% of the walls but I have till Friday to completely remove everything (I only have the bin till Saturday or I have to pay extra)
Bottom Pic - Here is the view from the Master bedroom into the walkin closet and ensuite

Bottom Pic – The view from the ensuite to walkin closet and Master bedroom

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  1. wow.. cool pics.. it reminds me of that demo'ed house we saw :P Can't wait to see it all come together!